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These are the Groups that you may join as part of your subscription

Modern Tango Dance

- This group specializes in examples of modern tango dancing. Professional dancers and choreographers may join free of charge. The group promotes and distributes information about dancing to 21st Century tango music.

Modern Tango Fashion

- This group specializes in modern tango fashion, the dresses, the trousers, the jewelry and of course, the shoes from modern designers around the world. Fashion designers, models and clothing manufacturers may join free of charge.

Modern Tango Art & Photography

- This group specializes in visual arts related to the modern tango, and presents the work of painters, sculptors, illustrators and photographers. Fine artists, graphic designers and photographers may join free of charge.

Modern Tango Motion Pictures & Books

- This group specializes in literary and storytelling about modern tango. Both new and old films and books are presented for review. Filmmakers, screenwriters, authors and producers may join free of charge.

Modern Tango Music

- This group presents the modern tango music from around the world. Musicians and composers are active participants in the group, announcing their latest releases. Musicians, composers and professionals in the music industry may join free of charge.

Modern Tango News

- This group presents the latest tango news from around the world. News services from all parts of the world are consolidated in a single news feed. News reporters and correspondents may join free of charge.

Modern Tango Travel

- This group highlights special tango tours and cruises, and identifies accommodation that specialize in servicing tango clientele. Hotel managers, travel agents and others in the travel industry may join free of charge.

Modern Tango Venues

- This group identifies those places that are hospitable to modern tango - places where modern tango musicians can find places to play. Empresarios, festival hosts, booking agents, restaurantures and other people that manage venues may join free of charge.

Modern Tango VJs & DJs

- This group brings together VJs and DJs from around the world to discuss and share their work and technology. DJs, VJs and equipment providers may join free of charge.